You Should Know This for the Apocalypse

Pete and Jobin


My mom was really into that show Revolution when it first aired.

For those who don’t know, it’s a post-apocalyptic television show that focuses on a town living life fifteen years after a global blackout.  All the sci-fi mumbo jumbo and dramatic elements are present. Alliances are formed.  Enemies are made.  Friendships are tested.  But above all, survival is essential.

The show premiered at a very convenient time in 2012.  I was living in Connecticut, and we had just survived a nine-day electricity blackout thanks to that biatch, Hurricane Sandy.

Having endured more than a week without power, I pretty much adopted a Katniss Everdeen alter ego.  I fully believed I could engage and win in a survival of the fittest game if it ever came to it.   Going over a week without a shower and blindly navigating my way from the kitchen to my bedroom after my midnight…

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